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Russian brides review: Russian women vs. American women

Russian brides review: Russian women vs. American women

More American men demand their related souls abroad, among Russian brides. There are a few reasons for that. They lack something in American women, so they want to find it in Russian ladies. We offer you some features that differ Russian brides from Americans. Each man appreciates different character traits that are important for him.


Unlike American women, Russian ladies are more feminine and open. They are not afraid to express real emotions. Feminism is very widespread in America. So women in this country only think about leadership and additional rights. Single ladies in Russia know that they are women and always behave like a lady. So they attract men thanks to their beauty, charm, and fascination.


It’s not a secret that Russian ladies are more beautiful than American. When foreign men come to Russia, they can’t believe that there so many pretty women around them. They are everywhere, on a subway, on trams, on buses, and on the street. Except natural beauty that differs Russian girls from other, they also thoroughly look after their appearance. They don’t forget about the makeup, manicure, and hairstyle.


American women think only about a comfort when they pick clothes. They don’t want to impress people, men exactly. A casual style is a standard option for American women, the other way about pretty Russian ladies. They wear high heels and dresses and sometimes forget about any comfort. Their clothes are femininity and refined. Russian women like men’s attention so they try to attract everyone with their appearance.


The truth is that American women are more childish and immature. Some women in their 30s act like just graduated girls. Adult men don’t like childish and inexperienced ladies. Russian women think about their future in youth. They are ready to have husband and kids. Therefore, most ladies from Russia are excellent homemakers, wives, and mothers.

Sincerity and open nature

American men like Russian ladies because it is very easy to communicate with them. They are emotional and open mind. They can speak about different things and events without any prejudices. Moreover, Russian women are very positive and like to meet interesting people. These gorgeous ladies are more straightforward and open. American women are very complicated and restricted. There are so many standard things you have to do to get their favor. Men don’t like constrained women, so in this case, Russian ladies win.

Men should be men

It is all about feminism that is extremely popular among American women. They think about leadership and successful career more than about family and kids. They want to manage their men as well as their employees. Men in America lose their leading position and mostly don’t like this. Russian ladies know that a man is a host and head of a family. They let men act like men. Also, they act like heedful wives and try to create a comfort and cozy ambiance at home.

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