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Where should be the first meeting abroad or in the native city of the Russian bride

Where should be the first meeting abroad or in the native city of the Russian bride

Today in searching of a better life Russian brides date and marry with foreigners. Basically, the first contact takes place in the Internet: online dating sites, social networks, live journals. Specify needed options, choose the applicant and begin to converse. After a certain period of time a moment comes when the correspondence is not enough, thus, you want to talk to a person and even meet her, but what if a person is not just from a neighboring town but from the other country?

How to be: to go to the native country of your lady or to meet her abroad? If you are self-confident and want to see your woman in the real life you need to take the risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you have decided to meet, at the beginning the best choice would be to go to the native town of your woman. Don’t worry about the place to stay – you will find many hotels or you will be able to rent an apartment.

However, your Russian lady for some reasons cannot come, do not be in a hurry to go to her, there is a very good option to meet on a neutral territory. If you both find time and source, you can offer her to pay for a ticket to that she comes to your place. There are many choices and you can for sure choose the one that suits you the most. Of course, all these have their pros and cons.

Let’s briefly consider the pros if she visits you. The advantages will be next:

1. The safety for you – you are at home.
2. The material costs are minimal, for example, you will not need to buy tickets, visas and insurance. Or you will pay for your lady’s ticket but you will safe on accommodation.
3. You will not have the difficulties with the language in an unknown country.

The minuses can be that you could not see a woman in her normal environment, see her habits, see her natural behavior, and, thus, it will be difficult to peer at her.

Pros of the trip to visit her:

  • The ability to immediately evaluate and compare the place and possibility to live together with your future bride.
  • Understanding how to quickly get used to the culture, religion, language and traditions of her country.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • Additional problems, time and expenses for a visa, a passport.
  • Registration of different certificates – criminal record, health and life insurance when going abroad and more.
  • The stress factor – the inner anxiety of the unknown.
  • Safety – yet you do not know the person at 100% and do not forget you are in a foreign country.

And so the third option – a cooperative trip to the holiday.


  • You are in equal conditions. This is a new place for you and for her.
  • You will be able to pay more attention to your relationship.
  • The new beautiful place can bring you to be closer for launching and lasting relationships. A new location will be very special for the two of you and you will want to come back there again.

Consider the pros and cons and choose the option that is the best for you.


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