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Differences in Culture

Differences in Culture

It’s very easy to find a Russian female, a lady single, who hopes to be a bride and to meet a man online, but building a long-lasting relationship is not always easy. If one makes it down the road between romantic dating and eventual marriage, then each person within that partnership will want to do everything he or she can to keep the relationship going and in a healthy status. Early on in the relationship, one of the complications proves to be the distance between both parties, but by the time one weds this issue has been overcome and replaced with new, even more complex relationship challenges. For example, since there are cultural differences between Westerners and Russian females, this adds an additional challenge that the married couple must face. The relationship can remain healthy if both people work at it and there are definitely some blunders to avoid.

It is so important to remember that the Western culture and the culture in Russia differ considerably. The Western male must be willing to remain open-minded and to learn about the female culture just as the Russian female will want to remain open-minded and express a willingness to learn new things about her partner’s culture. Family traditions may have to be redefined and the couple will have to plan to incorporate traditions from both cultures in order to ensure a fair and equal partnership on the psychological and emotional level. One will also have to demonstrate tolerance for some cultural traditional practices that one’s partner might engage in, as is with any couple not everything will be found agreeable to both parties, but with tolerance and patience, the couple will be able to embrace each other’s differences with grace.

Knowing Your Family Goals

Somewhere along the line in the real relationship, the couple will find a need to discuss family planning well before they hit the chapel. If this discussion is avoided, it will result in issues after vows have already been said. There is no avoiding such a discussion, so it is best to talk with one another early on – it allows a couple to align intentions and know where they are heading in the relationship. Things the couple wants discussed include:

  • If they will have children
  • How many children will they have
  • How long they want to be married before having children
  • How will they provide for the children
  • How are they raising the children

Family Versus Career

Russian women are well educated, and they are raised to go to school and parent to enter the workforce. Typically, this occurs by the age 24 or shortly thereafter. The same pretty and quite beautiful females also seek out ambitious men who know where they are going in the career and how they plan to get there. Thus, at some point, a conversation has to occur between a Russian lady and her partner pertaining to who will help raise the children if the female continues to work after a family started. Not discussing this issue before hand can cause each party to have certain expectations that may or may not be met and it can also lead to resentments, if say, for example, the female feels trapped at home raising children when she wants to continue working as well. Clarity communication is the key to avoiding this blunder and any issues it may cause in the future.

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